Pranitaa in Andaman - 1

In May, 2016 Pranitaa had a visit to Andaman. Different photos in different mood and places ....

Start from Kolkata Airport

On the way to Carbyn's Cove Beach

Close up

With mother at Carbyn's Cove Beach

With father at Carbyn's Cove Beach

OGO NADI APAN BEGE - Dance Performance

'Ogo Nadi Apan Bege Pagol-para' - Rabindra Sangeet. Dance performance on this song by Pranitaa at Milan Sangha, Dum Dum - on '22nd Shraban' celebration.

Song : Rabindra Nath Tagore
Singer : Sreeradha Banerjee
Album : Emon Dine (এমন দিনে)

OGO NADI APAN BEGE - Dance Performance by Pranitaa

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